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The October Mating Dance, from the Eyes of the Anthropological Observer

In case you were not aware, it is mating season amongst the homo sapiens sapiens of the Northern Hemisphere.  At least I’m led by observation to believe this.  This is the time of year when people keep pairing off in … Continue reading

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100 Followers, Detoxing, and Antisocial Apathy

I made it to 100 followers!  And it only took four months and 82 posts to get there. Okay, I know I’m not doing everything I could possibly do to get more followers.  I don’t have my Facebook account linked … Continue reading

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The Introvert Equation

I ran into a girl at work the other day who used to be in the same department as me.  We were chatting and catching up, and our conversation took a familiar turn: Coworker:  So how’s the boyfriend? Me:  …Nonexistent. … Continue reading

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