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The Blues are Illogical

I am starting to think I find myself in a depressive state.  I’m not necessarily depressed, just disposed to be so.  I’m in turns irritable and apathetic; yesterday I mumbled some form of “motherfucking idiot” at three other drivers in … Continue reading

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Planning Fail

I’ve scheduled myself to visit my family Independence Day weekend, but I’m starting to think this was no good, very bad planning on my part.  I double checked my calendar, and there just so happens to be a little red … Continue reading

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In which I have pissed off my uterus…

Warning for all the squeamish boys about to read this:  grow up.  Women bleed out their hoo-has.  It is a perfectly natural thing that makes us incredibly bitchy. Me more than most.  Like approximately 8% of women, I suffer from … Continue reading

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