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100th Post!

I’m on drugs again!  Well, it’s prednisone, our old friend.  Because of the trek to see my family for Thanksgiving, and the rising number of allergy-inducing evergreen trees surrounding me, my allergies flared up quite heinously—my throat and ears hurt … Continue reading

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Surgery update: I survived

It has now been six days since my sinus surgery, and I’m doing pretty good, considering.  I’m back at work, though still a bit tired and unaccustomed to sitting fully upright for this long.  I can consistently breathe through one … Continue reading

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Anesthesia is Fun

My sinus surgery is in less than 24 hours now.  Considering how much I’ve been very slightly freaking out about it for the last week—I’ve met this man TWICE and I’m going to let him put me under and cut … Continue reading

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The PMDD Fairy is back with a vengeance…

I did not want to get out of bed this morning.  This is in part due to the fact that I’m really freaking sore (my dance teachers have been especially sadistic this week, and I put in some extra rehearsal … Continue reading

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100 Followers, Detoxing, and Antisocial Apathy

I made it to 100 followers!  And it only took four months and 82 posts to get there. Okay, I know I’m not doing everything I could possibly do to get more followers.  I don’t have my Facebook account linked … Continue reading

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Medical Update: The Verdict Is In…My Nose-Penises Are Too Big

I need surgery!!!  Well, the ENT said it wasn’t necessarily necessary, but he highly recommends it.  I had my first appointment with him Friday morning, and he looked at the scan my allergist took and stuck a camera up my … Continue reading

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The Blues are Illogical

I am starting to think I find myself in a depressive state.  I’m not necessarily depressed, just disposed to be so.  I’m in turns irritable and apathetic; yesterday I mumbled some form of “motherfucking idiot” at three other drivers in … Continue reading

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