Visit this page as often as you like, as there will be additional ridiculous things that manage to make their way into my brain and out my mouth.  I will add them as they happen, newest on the top.

Random things I think (and sometimes, even say):

“Sometimes it’s tough being the tough cookie.”

“I love dorks.  They are my people.”

“This too shall pass…unless it’s trying to get past Gandalf.”

“The audience is a slut.”

“Dance kind of exploded all over my life.”

“I’m not drunk.  My FACE is drunk.”

“Happiness is when all the gelato is gluten free.”

“I’ve got a lot of jiggle in my wiggle.”

“I don’t have the daint.”

“My feet are so confused.”

“Dance and fitness instructors are all a bunch of sadists.”

“Realism is all boring and realistic.”

“Dude, it is really difficult to meditate on steroids.”

“EEEEWWWW, a boy’s been in here!”

“I’ve had 42 views today…My blog is the Answer to the Ultimate Question…Damn, it just went up to 43.”

“Huh.  I wonder if this is how it feels to be a cult leader.”

“Being a dog must be nauseating.”

“Cheese is not a treat.  It’s a necessity.”

“Poor guy can’t even get a BJ on his birthday.”

“Your life is more important than my pants.”


What do you think?

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