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My class last night was AMAZING!  From my perspective, at any rate.  I’m assured by my coworker/dance friend that everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did.  Once we got going my nerves completely dissipated; it felt like I … Continue reading

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In which I become a dance instructor…

I did something slightly out of character for me a few months ago.  Having heard from one of my coworkers (with whom I am really friendly because we both share a love of all things belly dance) that the wellness … Continue reading

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Whirling Performance: Peponi by The Piano Guys

Ren and I finally figured out how to get the video off her phone, with the help of her wonderful IT-savvy husband.  🙂  The video misses most of the entrance and gets a little blurry in the middle, but that’s … Continue reading

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Body, your timing is awful.

I have a cold.  I may or may not have caught this cold from the dance company director.  All I can say for sure is the timing is impeccable.  I have a dance performance on Sunday, in which I am … Continue reading

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Man, being twelve sucked…

The assistant director accidentally made me cry in dance rehearsal Sunday.  We were spending some much needed time on character development, and she had us do this exercise where we all lay back on the floor and think of ourselves … Continue reading

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Focus-Free Friday Mini Posts

In keeping with the Friday tradition I started during my recent bought of medicinally-induced ADHD—from which I am no longer suffering as I am no longer on steroids, but it is Friday and this is much more fun than actually … Continue reading

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My dance teacher is a sadist…

The fusion belly dance classes I take on Wednesday nights appear to be an acquired taste.  There are only five or six of us that are regulars, and any new participants usually have about a twenty-percent chance of actually sticking … Continue reading

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