100th Post!

I’m on drugs again!  Well, it’s prednisone, our old friend.  Because of the trek to see my family for Thanksgiving, and the rising number of allergy-inducing evergreen trees surrounding me, my allergies flared up quite heinously—my throat and ears hurt so bad on the way back from my dad’s, I thought I was getting sick.  Soon as I got back to good ol’ Houston, that got traded in for a daily headache that starts at the base of my skull and works its way up the back of my head if I don’t keep throwing Tylenol at it.  It’s all accompanied by an endless fount from my nose, a still scratchy throat, and the occasional cough.  So at my ENT surgery follow-up on Monday, my ENT could barely get the tiny vacuum up my nose.  (I sneezed in his face the last time; it was awesome.)  He also had a hell of a time getting the scope up there to take a look.  I was so inflamed from the allergies, he put me on a full course of prednisone to clear it up.  His one question, “So, have you been able to breath okay despite the allergies?” was surprising met with a, “Yes, yes I have.”  Sinus surgery, for the win!

Anyway, today is my first day, which means there is currently 60 milligrams of the oh-so-fun steroid floating around in my veins and steadily turning me into an ADHD three year old.

Dance class is gonna be FUN tonight!

Anyway anyway, I was bouncing around the internet trying to entertain myself whilst eating my lunch today, and I looked at my blog dashboard.  I was astonished to see “99 posts” staring back at me.  99!  I have reached that pivotal point in blogging, that point I don’t think I have ever before reached, in which my posts will begin to exceed the double digits.  Crazy.

I thought for about a minute and a half of talking about something serious instead of just patting myself on the back, but my ability to be serious right now is slightly inhibited by the fact that I’M ON DRUGS, MOTHERFUCKERS!  So, I’m just going to pat myself on the back for thinking of enough inane, unrelated babble to fill up 100 posts and exceed 100 followers, and also for the ability to type semi-coherently while high on corticosteroids.


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