Surgery update: I survived

It has now been six days since my sinus surgery, and I’m doing pretty good, considering.  I’m back at work, though still a bit tired and unaccustomed to sitting fully upright for this long.  I can consistently breathe through one nostril, though it keeps switching from one nostril to the other with very brief spurts of airflow through both sides.  While unable to “blow” my nose, I can gently blow air through it to create a similar though drawn-out and sputtering effect—I actually just spent the last five minutes or so doing that.  I have rinsed my sinuses 14 times so far, a process I will never ever enjoy, with less and less blood coming out every time.  I sneezed yesterday—twice—and it was the most pain I had felt all week.  I have a fantastic bruise on my wrist from the IV; it’s mostly yellow and green with a few bits of brownish purple.

I even bled from my eyeballs once or twice in the hours directly following surgery.  Ren called me a sad vampire.  It was epic.

Aside from the gauze taped under my nose, it looked pretty much like this.

I do not, however, have an additional funny anesthesia story to share with you.  I was strangely lucid on the drugs before and after the night-night time.  Really the only funny thing I said was a minute or two before they took me back:  “I think the drugs are working.  The room just got all…squiggly.”

I was not terribly funny on the Vicodin, either.  Ren just said I had this pathetic puppy face.  I also don’t think I laughed once from Wednesday morning to Saturday evening, simply because I was too tired to do anything but read a chapter or two at a time of Sense & Sensibility (for like the billionth time) or watch Dr. Who from the beginning of the new series to about four episodes into season 4.

My first follow-up with the ENT is on Wednesday, when I will find out if I am healed enough to go back to dance or if I need to sit out another week.  Since sitting fully upright is still a bit of a drain, I’m guessing he won’t clear me for physical activity unless there’s drastic improvement the next couple of days.

Anyway, that is my update, in case you wanted to know how I’m doing.  

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