A (Mostly) Straight Woman’s View on the Equality Movement

Today is National Coming Out Day, so in honor of my LGBTQIA-and-whatever-else-you-might-be friends and fellow humans, here’s a post I did earlier this year expressing my view on the equality movement. Enjoy.

The Perks of Being a Gemini

Before I get into this, let me explain what I mean by “mostly straight”:

I consider myself a heterosexual female.  But I also believe that sexuality is not black and white.  There is a lot of grey area, and I for one fall smack-dab in the middle of it.

I frequently find other women attractive.  I find the female form alluring and sometimes even arousing.  I have from time to time fantasized about other women.  But I don’t consider myself bisexual.  This is primarily because I have never once been so attracted to another woman that I would consider actual sexual relations with her…except maybe Scarlett Johansson.  Because damn, she’s hot.

Some say I just haven’t met the right girl yet, but I’m inclined to think that nearly twenty-eight years of life and about eight or nine years of sexual activity have acquainted me pretty well with my own sexual…

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