Friday Mini-Post: QOTN

No, this is not necessarily the return of the Focus-Free Friday Mini-Posts.  But it is Friday, and I had a funny to share that isn’t very long.  So this is a post on a Friday that is mini.  Maybe it will be a thing.  Maybe it won’t.  We’ll see.

Quote of the Night – Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wednesday night in between fusion classes, the instructor told us about a fatal motorcycle wreck she and her husband passed a while back on the highway.  This led to Ren telling us about a wreck she and her husband passed once, in which a drunk driver had driven up the exit ramp and gotten on the freeway going the wrong direction, resulting in a crash with a husband and wife in their car; the wife died, and the husband only had a broken arm.  This in turn led to a brief discussion about how the married ladies amongst the group would react if their spouses died and vice versa.

It sounds really morbid, but most of this was discussed in the irreverent, humorous tone common to our discourse.  So it’s not nearly as odd as it may sound that I ended up saying:

If I died in my apartment, I just hope someone would find me before my neighbors went, “What on earth is that smell?”

To which my instructor responded, after we’d all had a good laugh:

I think if you missed rehearsal, we’d know something was up.  So we’d definitely find you before you liquefied.

Is it odd that I find that really comforting?

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