My class last night was AMAZING!  From my perspective, at any rate.  I’m assured by my coworker/dance friend that everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did.  Once we got going my nerves completely dissipated; it felt like I was in my element, right where I was supposed to be.  The zumba teacher before me had to cancel, so we got to go in early and I got to give my different-styles-of-belly-dance spiel before class actually started instead of trying to do it during the shimmy drill.  I actually had a good ten or twelve people there; several of them were students waiting around for their 6pm yoga class who were like, “This class is free?  Cool!”  Most of them had never been to a belly dance class before, so inside I was steeple-ing my fingers like Mr. Burns and reveling at the impressionable young minds.  In 55 minutes, I took most of those ladies (and one gentleman) from belly dance ignorance to dancing a short combo by the end of class.  Everybody clapped at the end.  It was awesome.

And my worries about fusion music were completely wiped out; I got several compliments on the playlist.  One of the ladies on staff who attended spoke with me after class and said she’d tried a couple of belly dance classes before, but she just wasn’t all that interested in Middle Eastern music.  I share her feelings; I love to watch people dance to Arabic music but am not all that fond of listening to it on my own time.  She said she had seen the class offering and thought she’d give it one more shot, so she was really glad the music was NOT what she was expecting.  I MADE SOMEONE NOT GIVE UP ON BELLY DANCE!!!

I also had several of the younger students come up and ask for my business card (I had to give them my work one; I really need dance cards) or ask questions.  Several people seemed sad when I said we wouldn’t be having class again until the 9th since we’re off next Monday for Labor Day, and most of them said they’d definitely be back.  My coworker/dance friend said she walked out with a couple of other ladies on staff, and they told her, “That girl really knows her stuff.”  ^_^

I was so jazzed when I went home last night, I started working on the rest of the combo from this week (we only got half-way, but it’s kind of long so I expected that) and the next combo (Nelly Furtado; I can’t believe I have to wait three weeks to teach it to them!).  Today I’m working on playlists between crazy spurts of activity at work.  Not even the stupid PMDD and cramps can get me down.

Can I please just do this all the time?


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