100 Followers, Detoxing, and Antisocial Apathy

I made it to 100 followers!  And it only took four months and 82 posts to get there.

Okay, I know I’m not doing everything I could possibly do to get more followers.  I don’t have my Facebook account linked to the blog (which would grossly inflate my “followers” to include all my FB friends, and I know they’re not all reading every post).  I write whatever I’m feeling instead of targeting a market.  I don’t comment on other people’s blogs without actually having something to say (i.e., just to get my Gravatar out there so more people will hopefully click on my username and link back to my blog).  To be honest, it’s amazing to me that I’ve reached triple-digit followers at all.  I’m a weirdo, random Gemini who can’t keep to a theme to save her life and sometimes (okay, often) writes like an ADHD chimpanzee with a toy typewriter and a sugar high.  So for the 100 of you who find some sort of chord to strike through all the flighty nonsense, thanks for sticking with me.

I’d also like to note the overwhelming views of my last post; at 69, it got more than double the views of anything else I’ve written so far (so long as you don’t count views of my homepage/archive, which are significantly higher).  (And yes, I’m giggling that a post about Christianity has a view count of 69 *wink, wink*.)  As with anything else I have to say, I didn’t write it to garner response.  I just felt like it was something I needed to say.  I’m glad it spoke to so many…and for those of you who are new, don’t expect such depth on a regular basis.  It’s mostly ADHD chimpanzee, with just a pinch of Hamlet (kudos if you get the reference).

In other news, my friend Chelsea convinced me to do a detox with her.  She’s big on Shakeology right now, which is a nutrition supplement shake thing that’s supposed to be really good for you.  I’m always interested in ridding myself of toxins and such, so when she offered free samples and instructions on the Shakeology 3-day cleanse, I said sure.

I started today, and I’m currently cranky from the hunger with a bit of a headache from the caffeine (which I’m no longer used to ingesting on a regular basis) in the green tea, wishing I’d brought more to snack on than carrots and about twice the amount of fruit recommended, and wondering how I’m going to endure two more days of this.  I am highly looking forward to my giant salad and unfortunately normal-sized piece of salmon for dinner tonight, but I’m hungry and I have to pee, damn it!  I know it’s good for me, but it is not at all conducive to my normal hobbit-esque eating schedule.

I’m sure I’d be a little less grumbly about it if I wasn’t in a bit of a funk.  It started with a bout of the antisocials over the weekend.  I found myself Friday, after not interacting with another human being for most of the day, reluctant to encounter any intentionally.  I probably wouldn’t have if I hadn’t house-elfed for Ren and had to go pick up my money, where I was then induced to stay with a big glass of Malbec (mmm, tasty tasty Malbec) and the film version of Cabaret.

I had to force through the funk again Saturday night, as I’d volunteered to run ticket and DVD sales at a dance show.  I was fine so long as it was in an official capacity, but when it came to chatting with my fellow volunteers or socializing in any way whatsoever, I just couldn’t bring myself to make an effort.  I hate spells like this; I know I should try to be cordial and friendly, but I just don’t really want to.  It was a bit better yesterday, but today I just want to hide in my secluded little corner of the office and make monosyllabic replied to any and all queries.

Maybe I’ve just reached my social limit for the time being.  The last month has been nothing but dance shows and classes and birthdays, with very little Amanda-time.  My introverted self can only take so much; the social must be balanced with the alone-time or you get AAA (Antisocial Apathetic Amanda), drudging through a world of social obligations like a teenager at some boring work function of her mom’s.  I don’t like being AAA.  It’s not the same as having a case of the shy; that’s when I WANT to interact but the number of people and/or my own anxiety holds me back.  Now it’s like I look at my schedule, as full as I usually wish it would be when I’m sitting at home with nothing to do, and think, do I have to?

I think I’ll take some me-time this weekend; hopefully that will fix it.  After a day or two of sitting around at home, AAA usually catches on to the idea that other people aren’t so bad.

…Or I could pull the random Gemini card and spontaneously decide to go out instead.  You never know…

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3 Responses to 100 Followers, Detoxing, and Antisocial Apathy

  1. Felicia says:

    Yay! I just reached a hundred followers too!

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