Puppies! Puppies will make you happy!

So, what I’m posting later today is sad.  Like really, really sad.  I already posted one that made me cry whilst writing it this week, so to balance out the mood and give you something to come back to once you’ve experienced the sad, here are some pictures of cute puppies I found in lots of random places on the internet.  You can’t be sad when there are cute puppies just being cute!


Cute Puppies Wallpapers (3)



images (2)

images (1)



There!  I feel like I have done my karmic duty and evened out the emotion in the universe…So enjoy my incredibly sad post, and come back and look at happiness-inducing cute puppies if you need to.

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4 Responses to Puppies! Puppies will make you happy!

  1. If I ever get an animal, it would be either an English bulldog, husky, or pug.

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