Join the Revolution

So like I said yesterday, my friend (HE FOLLOWS MY BLOG NOW, TOO!) Jack Chaser over at The Things I See Up Here invented the coolest blogging award ever.  In that, you don’t have to do anything but accept it and pass it on to another remarkable blogger.  No stupid questions, no random facts, no chain letter-esque feel to it.  You simply give it to someone whose work inspires you or gives you new perspective.  It’s all about letting someone know you think their blog is badass.

This is called the Revolution Award.


Jack said I could post it on my blog, so…that means I win, right?  😉  To be honest, I don’t know.  It’s before 10:00am here in Texas, so I am not officially “awake” yet.  This is the time of the morning when I usually pull the tedious, mundane reports for my boss that I could run in my sleep whilst sipping my tea and reading the things you crazy kids posted last night.  But I am just awake enough to pass this super swanky award on to a blogger I think is pretty damn rad.

Her name is K. Jean King, and she blogs at The Irrefutable Opinion.

Her posts always do two things:  they make me laugh, and they make me think.  From pointing out why you can drink in the park in England but not in the U.S. to the only real way to prepare for a zombie apocalypse to literary criticism to idiocy being nature’s population control, her work is bright, witty, and a bit ridiculous while irrefutably poignant.  Even her post about the Boston Marathon bombing made me laugh, while the pearl of wisdom she snuck into it (terrorism only works if we let ourselves be terrified) still hit home.  I think she’s brilliant, and my favorite high school English teacher said my IQ was at least 160.  Which makes me a genius, so I would know.

So K. Jean King, if you’re reading this, I think you’re awesome.  I think your approach to blogging is revolutionary.  So welcome to the Revolution.

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3 Responses to Join the Revolution

  1. Jack Chaser says:

    All those that join the Revolution win, in my opinion. So yes my friend, you have one.

    Pay it forward as often as you like, for the tiniest spark shall soon become an inferno

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