I’m Versatile :-)

So, I was nominated for another “award”.

Versatile Award

This nomination was kindly bestowed on me by 90vinitablog over at tvhookedfigures.  Finally someone appreciates my randomness.  My post from earlier this morning was rather down and serious, so I figured now was a good time to indulge in a little ego-boosting narcissism.


The rules for the nomination are:

Post the logo. (Done.)

Accept the nomination and link back to the blog that nominated you. (Also done.)

Answer the questions. (About to do.  Geez, give me a minute.)

Nominate blogs and inform them of the nomination.  (Yeah, we already know that’s not going to happen.  Remember, I am the jerk who breaks the chain letter…The only exception to this would be the award my good friend [as in, I follow his blog and he’s liked a few of my posts] Jack Chaser just invented.  That one I would definitely pass on.)

Post seven random facts about yourself.  (This, I can handle.)



(Which are not in the form of a question!!!  Whoever wrote these would totally lose at Jeopardy.)

Favorite color:  Purple…most of the time…sometimes blue…sometimes red.  Blue and red make purple, so I guess it works.  (BTW, I’m a Gemini.  In case you couldn’t tell.  We’re of AT LEAST two minds about everything, so getting a straight answer on a “favorite” is not likely.)

Favorite animal:  I like cats and dogs…and monkeys…and elephants…and penguins.  This is not an exclusive list.

Favorite number:  Hmm…I was born on the 8th, but 13 is also fun…as is 11…42!  I’m going with 42, because that is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of life, the universe, and everything.

Favorite Non-Alcoholic drink:  I’m a big tea drinker; I have seven different kinds in my pantry.  I’m also partial to coconut water, but only when it’s REALLY cold.

Favorite Alcoholic drink:  The speakeasy/burlesque club where my fusion instructor works has this AMAZING drink called a Sazerac.  It’s cognac, maker’s 46, and some other stuff.  It’s super strong; it takes me at least 45 minutes to drink one.  But it’s tasty, too, and thus super dangerous.  I’m a total lightweight.  (I am highly looking forward to one this weekend, because we’re going there for my birthday festivities.)

Favorite Facebook or Twitter:  …Well this is vague.  My favorite person to follow?  My favorite page?  My preference?  I’ll go with the last one since that’s the easiest because I don’t even have a Twitter account—Facebook.  🙂

My Passions:  Dance, writing, reading, music.  Not necessarily in that order.

Giving or receiving gifts:  To be honest, I’m not very good at either.  Getting people gifts makes me nervous, and getting a gift from someone when I didn’t get them anything makes me feel like a social failure.  A few years ago, I just decided not to give anyone a gift for anything unless I randomly find something that I really think they’d like.

Favorite city:  That I’ve been to?  New York.  I loved New York; I very nearly decided to run away from my life and just not come back the last time I was up there.  I haven’t traveled as much as I want to yet, though, so that’s subject to change.

Favorite TV show:  There is no correct answer.  I just love good stories; I always have.  Every show is my favorite while I’m watching it, so long as it has a good story and doesn’t suck.


Seven random facts about me!

  1.  My eyes usually look brown, but they’re really a dark, dark green base with these brown streaks that flower out from my pupils.  They look extra green when I’ve been crying.
  2. I am very slightly allergic to green peas, but I sometimes eat them anyway.  They don’t give me an anaphylactic reaction or anything; they just make my tummy a little cranky.
  3. I used to collect miniature shoes.
  4. I still have a VCR, which is only used to watch a handful of Disney VHS tapes I got from my mom when she was moving.
  5. Children almost always love me.  I don’t know why.  It’s the same with dogs.
  6. Kirby’s Dreamland and Katamari Damacy are the only video games I have ever successfully played through to the end.
  7. I wear extra-padded Chucks to work almost every day.  My plantar fasciitis is a convenient excuse to be comfortable and look totally cool at all times.


Bloggers I want to nominate:

*blows giant, prolonged raspberry at the blogosphere*

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7 Responses to I’m Versatile :-)

  1. Ren says:

    I soooooo want my birthday Sazerac now, thanks. Also, miniature shoe collecting sounds creepy.

    • But we can have our birthday Sazeracs together on Friday! 😀

      I still have the shoes packed up somewhere at home. I’ll have to show them to you. They were made by this little company called “Just the Right Shoe”, and all the shoes were for the right foot. They had some really pretty ones, but the company went out of business when I only had five or six.

  2. Jack Chaser says:

    Fly the Revolution banner high, my friend. Bestow it on those worthy of it.

    Welcome to the Revolution

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