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Stephen Fry knows just how it feels…

Read this: I knew there was a reason I love that man.  He gets it.  And he explains it quite well, much better than I usually can. That is all. Advertisements

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Body, your timing is awful.

I have a cold.  I may or may not have caught this cold from the dance company director.  All I can say for sure is the timing is impeccable.  I have a dance performance on Sunday, in which I am … Continue reading

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If I wanted drama, I’d have stayed in theatre.

My whole office is in a workplace-appropriate-volume uproar today.  Tensions are high.  People are going behind my back to get things done the easy, quick, wrong way because I won’t do them the wrong way.  I’m pretty sure at least … Continue reading

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Planning Fail

I’ve scheduled myself to visit my family Independence Day weekend, but I’m starting to think this was no good, very bad planning on my part.  I double checked my calendar, and there just so happens to be a little red … Continue reading

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No means no. Period.

A friend shared this article on Facebook today: Everyone needs to read this.  Because this is rape culture defined. It doesn’t matter if the victim has been drinking.  It doesn’t matter if it takes them time to get over … Continue reading

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Office Space Invasions

I do not technically have my own office at work.  While I have three whole walls to call my own, my area is connected to the rest of the suite via that missing fourth wall and the lack of a … Continue reading

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My Dad’s Pretty Cool

Today is the day to celebrate all that is awesome about our fathers.  The greeting card companies say so.  But as I am a horrible daughter who was too lazy to buy stamps, I’ll just have to write a blog … Continue reading

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