Friday ADHD Mini Posts

While I only have one more of the lowest dose in this round of prednisone, I’m still feeling rather ‘roided out.  Couple that with the steroid-induced PMDD flare-up and the overwhelming impression that I may be the only person in my entire building at work today, and focus seems to be absent as well.

And since the last round of random ADHD mini posts went over so well, I thought, why the hell not!  Let’s do it again!  Maybe we’ll even make it a weekly thing.


Mini Post I:  Hold Music, Because You WANT Your Customers to Stab Themselves in the Ears

Why is hold music always SO AWFUL!?  I had to call my doctor’s office this morning because they STILL haven’t sent an updated referral to my allergist, so my insurance is being all jerky and refusing to pay because I don’t have an updated referral because my primary’s office is freakin’ slow.  So I call them today to remind them that they need to get off their lazy butts and send the referral, and of course they put me on hold…for over five minutes.  And instead of listening to my music (this morning was The Neighbourhood’s album I Love You) I had to listen to crappy piano musack (I can’t even call it music—it didn’t warrant the name).  For five whole minutes.  I had to pee, I was hungry, and I could resolve neither of these issues until the horrible musack stopped and the referral office finally picked up the phone.

GAHHH!!!  Musack makes me angry!  I’m like the Hulk; you wouldn’t want to see me when I’m angry.  *Manda SMASH*


Mini Post II:  Project o’ DOOM Update

I’m still not done with it.  And that’s only in part due to the fact that I’m procrastinating because GODDAMN IT, I AM THE ONLY ONE HERE!!!  It’s days like this that I crank up the music and either surf the internet or work on one of my unfinished writing projects.  To do actual work on a day like today just seems wrong somehow.

I did finally figure out how to generate the data my boss wants without having to do all the calculations by hand, so it’s going a little more quickly.  Just so you can understand my frustration with this particular project, this is what my desk looks like right now:

My desk mess

To quote Adam Sandler, somebody kill me.  Please.


Mini Post III:  Dancer Feet are Gross

That’s all I had to say, really.  I’d post a photo, but I’m wearing Chucks and I know the instant I take them off someone else will show up at the office.  Let’s just say I’ve got calluses you would not believe.


Mini Post IV:  Mime for Hire

I’ve been examining my finances, or rather lack thereof, lately and I’ve come to a very serious conclusion:  I need an extra job this summer.  Work is closed on Fridays starting in June, so I’ll have a whole extra day a week to earn some moola.  But aside from getting a restaurant sever gig (which I vowed in college never to do ever again), the more flexible and monetarily beneficial of my skills are pretty limited.  I could clean houses—while I sometimes have trouble keeping my own place clean, I apparently clean other people’s domiciles like a boss.  I already have one friend lined up; I just have to look up local maid rates and give her a price.

The only other thing I can really come up with is being a mime.

Me as a mime

Oddly enough, I actually have mime training; one of the random benefits of a theatre degree.  The last time I did it, pictured above, was for Halloween a few years ago.  I got completely plastered and still managed not to say a single word all night.  And one of my belly dance instructors has a weekly gig at a burlesque club/speakeasy, so I told her to let me know if they were interested.  I was only half joking.

So, yeah.  If any of you Houston peeps need a maid or a mime this summer, hit me up.


Mini Post V:  Eye Candy

I tried to think of another poem to finish off the post, but apparently my inner poet is out of the office today as well.  So instead, for your viewing pleasure, another look at my latest celebrity crush.



If you enjoyed this round of ADHD Mini Posts and would like to see this become a weekly thing (or if you hated it and never want to see another again), let me know!  I’m not just here to entertain myself…okay, maybe I am a little…but if I can entertain any of you at the same time, it’s well worth it (A.K.A., a little less lame and self-centered).

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3 Responses to Friday ADHD Mini Posts

  1. If you want to be a mime want to be killed, should a silencer be used?

    Thank you! Good night, Sheboygan, and remember to tip your waitress! I’ll be here all week. Try the veal, it’s great.

    • *smh* Yes, a silencer is probably a good idea. Either way, a mime in makeup cannot speak, even to call out for help. So as long as no one is around to hear you shoot me, we should be good. 🙂

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