I am not smarter than the machine…

So I FINALLY chose a good web address for my blog.  theperkygemini.wordpress.com  Right?  It took me how long to come up with that?  And of course I fully believed the little thingy that told me when I created the blog in the first place that I could change my web address whenever I wanted, no big deal, so I just went and did it this morning when I thought of it.  And when it asked if I wanted to keep the old one, I said yes just to be on the safe side.

The next few minutes were spent frantically clicking things, staring at blank pages, and generally freaking the fuck out.  For a minute there, it looked like I had completely lost my entire blog.  The last month and a half of narcissistic ramblings disappeared in a click of the mouse.


I then realized that what I was looking at was my old web address.  Two or three clicks later, I had again found my blog and my sanity.  My heart rate is probably still too high considering the steroids, but at least this imaginary crisis I created for myself has been averted.

I also realized after the change that any links I had previously posted to Facebook have been rendered utterly useless.  *facepalm*

The score this morning:  Technology 1, Amanda 0.

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2 Responses to I am not smarter than the machine…

  1. You have so much to look forward to: writing an entire post, forgetting to save it, and have WordPress mysteriously delete it for you. Or you will accidentally click “publish” when you meant to click “save”. Or you will decide to change your theme, decide the new one sucks ass, try to change it back only to discover all your widgets have gone away. Tell me, why do I blog again?

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