Medical Stuff Part 3: Revenge of the Polyp

I went back to the doctor for my lab results yesterday.  Everything was negative.  EVERYTHING.  NEGATIVE.  I was not a happy camper.

She’s not sending me to a GI specialist—yet—because my tummy has actually started to get better.  I haven’t had diarrhea in more than a week, and I’m slowly but surely working my way back to truly solid foods—right now we’re at gluten free mac and cheese, several forms of potato, hard-boiled eggs, corn chips, and fruit.  This does not include the avocados and bananas and juice and protein shakes I’ve been able to digest all along; these are the additional things I’ve been able to include in my diet without much trouble.  I’m hoping to try out vegetables again later this week, but we’ll see how it goes.

In the meantime, we have discovered just why this sinus infection won’t fucking go away:  my polyp has made an aggressive comeback.  For those not in the know on my full medical history, I had a polyp in the left side of my face about three years ago, which caused severe swelling and perpetual infection in my sinuses.  Here is one of the lovely photos I got to keep from the CT scan:

I was really disappointed that my brain was just a big grey blob.

I was really disappointed that my brain was just a big grey blob.

See how the black patch in the right side of my sinuses is a lot bigger than the one on the left?  (FYI, you’re looking at it from the bottom of my head, so the left side of my sinuses is on the right side of the photo.)  Yeah, most of that grey stuff isn’t supposed to be there.  Last time, my allergist and I hit it with a full round of prednisone, a hardcore antibiotic, Singulair, and Omnaris.  The polyp compliantly shrunk down, so much so that the ENT she referred me to said that while my initial scan would have made him pursue surgery immediately, the subsequent scans he did in his office looked almost completely normal.  And it really hasn’t bothered me much in all this time; the Singulair and Omnaris kept it down to nearly nonexistent for the last three years.

Then six months ago, I got a letter from my stupid insurance company saying they would no longer cover Omnaris.  Because they are jerk-faces.  And as there is no generic alternative and even with the annoying discount card it would have been an unaffordable $65-$100 a month, my allergist and I hesitantly switched me to something else.  And the polyp grew back with a vengeance.

She said yesterday that it looks almost as bad as it did the first time.  So we are trying to give it the old heave-ho once more.  This means that instead of the baby half-round of prednisone she gave me a few weeks ago, we’re going for the full, twelve-day-and-twice-as-much shebang.  I apologize in advance to all my dance instructors and anyone else who has to deal with me during the oncoming intensely-hyper-three-year-old-with-poor-judgement-and-reasoning state which I will probably be in for the next two weeks.  Le allergist has also put me on the same hardcore antibiotic as before, and upgraded my nose spray to the slightly more hardcore Dymista.  I have to go back at the end of the month and let her scan my head, which if we do not succeed in kicking the polyp’s ass will result in ANOTHER trip to the ENT, who will then most likely want to cut holes in my face to take it out.

So as a result of all these medications and doctor’s appointments and copays, I am now going to be completely broke and hyper until I get paid again…I am also completely out of sick leave at work…

This is going to be fun…

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