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Highly Inappropriate Revamping of Old-Timey Terminology

I know it’s supposed to Focus-Free Friday Mini Post day.  In fact, it is my last Focus-Free Friday until the end of the summer because our Monday-Thursday summer schedule starts next week.  So I arrived at work (to find a … Continue reading

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Medical Update: I have extra things in my nose!

I went back to the allergist for my follow-up this afternoon, and she scanned my head…the good news is the polypiness has shrunk to a measly bit in the bottom of my sinus cavity where it will cause very little … Continue reading

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The Psychic & the Agnostic: a Question of Belief

Saturday I got a text from my yoga instructor asking if I wanted to go with her to a psychic reading and past life regression before class on Sunday.  I’ve always been curious about such things, so I agreed and … Continue reading

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Awkward Non-sexual Sex Dreams

So, the other night I had a sex dream about one of my friends…one of my female friends.  I’m not going to say which one, because that would make things infinitely weirder than I can handle.  And I’ve already explained … Continue reading

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A Multitude of Drops

When I was in therapy, my therapist had me do these visualization exercises to help settle my mind and calm my anxiety.  He had me choose a place, somewhere I would always want to go, where I could find a … Continue reading

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I’m not going gray…I’m going blonde.

As I have mentioned, I am not a natural redhead—I am a redhead by choice.  I still think this counts me as a ginger since I have the appropriate freckled porcelain skin tone, and several of my natural ginger friends … Continue reading

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Focus-Free Friday Mini Posts

In keeping with the Friday tradition I started during my recent bought of medicinally-induced ADHD—from which I am no longer suffering as I am no longer on steroids, but it is Friday and this is much more fun than actually … Continue reading

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