In which I hate my tummy…

So I posted a couple of weeks ago that I thought I’d got glutened.  I spent more than a week trying to figure out what it was that I ate.  Since then, my tummy and I have been playing a never ending game of tug-o-war.  I’ll eat nothing but gluten free oatmeal and toast for a few days, my stomach will feel better, I’ll start trying to eat regular food again, and my stomach will go crazy.

Turns out the stomach flu is going around.  And while I feel vindicated that I hadn’t actually poisoned myself, I am getting really sick of being sick at my stomach.  Last night was a better night, so when I got up this morning I had an Udi’s bagel with a little almond butter.  No more than twenty minutes later, my tummy was screaming, “Aaaaahhhh!  What have you DONE!?” and I was crying, “What the hell is WRONG with you!?”

So while I sit here at my desk at work, sipping my tea and silently cursing my digestive system, I try to console myself with this picture I found on Facebook over the weekend:


(I found it via this page, but Google images says it’s from here.  The joy of internet memes.)  Maybe it will also help cheer any of you who are also going through this accursed illness.

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