Writer’s Block – A Poem

I’m at a bit of a loss on what to post today, so I figured this was as good a time as any to share the poem I wrote last month during a particularly fierce block.  My creative writing teacher in college thought my poetry was brilliant, but I’ve never been much of one for it.  When I wrote this one, it did help unclog the neural pipes a bit, so I’m hoping it will help today, as I’m also feeling rather procrastinator-ish about my current writing project.

(BTW, this is copyright me as of February 2013.  So no stealing.  Plagiarism is both wrong and lazy.  Thanks!)

If nothing else, this will pass the time…

Ideas swimming in my head

But the paper won’t take them

Spits the ink back in my face




Spiraling stories

Through-lines and plots

So much to say

So much to say

But the keyboard isn’t clicking




Try to force it, break free

But never satisfied with the result

Go to another project, then

Bounce there and here and back again

Nothing accomplished for the effort spent


Try something else

Get lost in someone else’s mind for a change

Read a book

Watch a film, see a play

Take a break


Come back to the page with thoughts abounding

Ideas running free

Characters forming

Plots progressing

Then sit before the screen

Hands poised over keys


And nothing.


They say it’s fear

The what ifs and whys

What if it’s dumb?

Are my words too cliché?

Is this theme overdone?

Does it even make sense?

Would anyone want to read it anyway?


Do I indeed have anything at all original to say?


It’s dark in there

A mind both troubled and free

Don’t go in alone

You never know what you’ll find

But I’ll come along if you want

I’m in there all the time


Stuck, blocked

Words so small

And so heavy


Just keep on going

Keep plugging away

Forget inspiration

It’ll find you again by and by

Soon enough, the words will come

And my mind will be free of these stories


If only for a while

Until the next idea is born.

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