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Conversations with My Imaginary Therapist

This is going to sound crazy…well, crazier than usual, coming from me.  I haven’t been in therapy (actual, real therapy with a doctor and insurance copays and everything) since I was nineteen.  But there are times when life is really … Continue reading

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The Office Flirt

Every office has one.  That one incredibly friendly guy who’ll do anything and everything to make his female coworkers laugh.  It may not be intentional flirting, and nothing truly inappropriate is ever said.  But discourse with this particular individual always … Continue reading

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Flowers Don’t Like Me…

Yesterday was Administrative Professionals Day.  And since I am an administrative professional—at least in boring day-job land—I was of course at home sick because the soup I ate for lunch on Tuesday destroyed my real-food-hating innards.  (Still no lab results, … Continue reading

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Medical Milestones: Part Deux

I got my lab results back yesterday.  Negative for H. Pylori, normal metabolic panel (though she said my carbon dioxide was a little low; I’m not sure how that’s even possible or what impact it has on the human body).  … Continue reading

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Amazing Women in My Life: That Includes Me

The steroids have completely exited my system.  I took my last dose on Friday, so whereas last week I felt like a three-year-old on an epic sugar high, the last three days I’ve had the energy of a slug covered … Continue reading

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My Sense of Shame Is Missing

In the usual effort to fill a boring Friday morning with as little actual work as possible, I spent a great deal of time chatting on Facebook with one of my artist/writer/creative type friends.  We got to talking about my … Continue reading

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Short Story: Two Fathers

I came across this in my files while working on a related post.  I’d kind of forgotten about it, to be honest.  I wrote this back in November, after the sudden death of a good friend’s father.  The names have … Continue reading

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