Let’s try this again…

Hello, Internets!  It’s been a while.

Truth be told, this is the third blog I’ve started since graduating from college (six years ago; Jesus, time flies).  Back in the days when people actually had MySpace accounts AND checked them, I was a blogging fiend.  It was like a journal for the narcissist that craves feedback!  On MySpace, you could restrict it so only your “friends” could see it, and if you only added people you actually knew your content was relatively safe (as in:  you still didn’t put anything confidential, but personal content you didn’t mind every person you met finding out about was okay).  For the introvert in me, it was a way to communicate with my friends and share the things I could write but could never really say out loud.

And then, the great migration to Facebook happened.  Don’t get me wrong; I love Facebook.  I ❤ it.  I LESS THAN 3 FACEBOOK, THAT’S HOW MUCH I LOVE IT!  I’m on there all day, every day.  But when it first became popular, I resisted.  I resisted for a long time, in the end holding onto my MySpace account for nothing more than my blog.  But then, life happened.  I got busy with work, with theatre (which was my passion for many years, but we can get into that later), with dating the few times I actually got around to it.  And blogging (and writing for a while) fell by the wayside.

A time or two—two, to be precise—I geared myself up, vowing to start again.  I’ve never been able to journal just for myself; as a writer I feel that everything I write has the potential, if not the inevitability, of being read.  So even when I kept my diaries and private journals, there was always the expectation of an audience in the back of my mind.  Hence, many of those private documents have since been destroyed.  But blogging, blogging I could do.  There was always the understanding that I was putting my soul on display for the whole world, but somehow that made it better.  I felt like a lot less of a reeling narcissist, and more like an honest human being expressing the plethora of things trapped inside my crazy brain that need to be expressed!

With the first blog, I went strong for about a year.  And then some more life happened.  I moved across the state with my boyfriend, I quit doing theatre in favor of Middle-Eastern and multicultural fusion dance, I broke up with said boyfriend, I had to put my life back together in a new place where (at the time) my only good friends were HIS friends.

And then, I got diagnosed with a Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity.  I had to completely change my diet, and change my life.  It felt like a blog-worthy subject, so I started blogging about it.

That blog lasted about five posts.

And then in the last year and a half, something in my crazy, multifaceted, Gemini life exploded.  I’ve written more (literary fiction, that is) in the last two years than I have in the last ten.  I’ve really delved into dance, and been invited to join a non-professional, non-profit dance company.  I have a crazy-amazing group of friends of my own.  I’ve managed to somehow stay friends with the ex for whom I uprooted my life.  I have become dissatisfied with staring blankly at a computer screen all day and am currently looking at graduate programs—and unable to decide because I want to do so many things.  For once in my life, I’m happy.  I can say it and really mean it:  I’m happy.

And more than anything else, I feel I have a lot to say.

I’ve been thinking very carefully this time about starting a new blog.  I’ve written a few posts and tucked them away in Word files, just in case.  And today, I decided it was time.

So hello again, Internets.  It’s been a long time, but maybe this time, we’ll keep in touch.

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