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“Yeah…I can’t eat that.”

As I sit here eating my gluten free oatmeal and drinking my super strong black tea (aptly named FOCUS), I am mentally preparing myself to say, “Please don’t poison me,” in the politest way possible.  See, as I sit here … Continue reading

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I don’t understand network television anymore…

You may think this is strange, but I don’t actually have my TV hooked up to anything but its internal DVD player.  I don’t have cable.  I don’t even get local channels.  If I watch anything, it’s on my laptop … Continue reading

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The Creepy Doll

Staying with my dad and stepmom is always interesting.  They have a lot of silly stories to tell, and I always come away with some fantastically ridiculous quotes.  (Please read all of these with a spectacularly awful East Texas drawl.) … Continue reading

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“I’m like the fluorescent orange sheep of the family.”

As the Christian celebration of the namesake holiday of a Germanic pagan goddess looms, I am once again preparing to make my semi-annual four hour trek (read: drive) into the middle of fucking nowhere (read: rural Northeast Texas) to visit … Continue reading

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In which my tummy hates me…

I feel like ass today.  As I sit at my desk at work (to which I arrived 3 hours late), clutching my mug of mint and spiced ginger herbal tea and a box of Alka Seltzer, staring at the bag … Continue reading

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My Inner Feminist vs. My Inner Fat Kid: Or, why I find the younger generation a bit too forward

I sent this in to Hello Giggles, but who knows if they’ll post it.  The immense amount of time I spend on HG was actually one of the inspirations to start blogging again.  Hopefully, it’s enjoyable.   I don’t know … Continue reading

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Let’s try this again…

Hello, Internets!  It’s been a while. Truth be told, this is the third blog I’ve started since graduating from college (six years ago; Jesus, time flies).  Back in the days when people actually had MySpace accounts AND checked them, I … Continue reading

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